Under the law, you (as a parent or legal guardian of your child) have the right to review any personal information relating to a child under the age of 13 in your care that may be collected by MEG through the In My Pocket® website. Please check any or all of the options below:


I wish to review all of the personal information currently collected on my child.

I request that all personal information currently collected on my child be deleted.

I request that, in future, all personal information regarding my child no longer be collected through the In My Pocket™ web site.

To help us identify the child in question in our database, please fill out the following:

Child's Email Address:

Parent's Email address:


Under the law, we are obligated to verify the identity of the requestor of this information and to ensure that the requestor is in fact the child's parent or legal guardian. To help us discharge this responsibility, please fill out the following:

Please state your relationship to the child:

Please state your name:

Signature: _______________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________________


Please print and mail this form to

Morrison Entertainment Group
2121 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 2320
El Segundo, CA 90245