Pint Size Puppies To Collect & Love!

Puppy In My Pocket is back for a new generation of kids to collect and care for! Choose from over 100 itty bitty, soft and pretty puppies  that look and feel so real!!! Plus play sets and accessories, including miniature Puppy Charms to wear and share with your friends.

A Surprise In Every Bag!

Which Puppy will you get? With Puppy in My Pocket Blind Bags, it’s a mystery until you open the bag! There are over 100 adorable puppies to collect, plus the Ultra-Rare Glitter Puppies too! Included is a Collector’s Checklist that tells you your new puppy’s name and breed and helps you keep track of your growing collection.

Puppy Bling To Wear & Share!

Looking for the perfect accessory? You’ll be dazzled by our Puppy Charms jewelry! The Puppy Charm Bracelet set comes with 3 of the teeniest, tiniest, most real-looking puppies that snap onto a bracelet with extra bling.  You’ll want the barrette and ring set too!

Playsets For Puppy Playtime Fun!

The Pretty Pet Palace is the perfect place to treat your puppies like royalty. It’s pawsitively awesome with a slide, pool and even a spinning dance floor! Or take your puppies to the Puppy Play Park for outdoor exercise on the tire swing, teeter totter. hurdles and more. Each play sets come with 2 exclusive pups.

Take Your Pets Everywhere!

Pack up your Puppies with fun accessories like the cute Clip-On Pouch and Fancy Puppy Purse Set! Pouch comes with 5 pint-size pups and attaches to backpacks or even your clothes! The fashionable Fancy Puppy Purse is the perfect way to complete your outfit and includes 4 cute, fuzzy puppies.

Get To Know Your New Puppies!

Every puppy you collect has its own unique name, breed and personality. Visit the JUST PLAY website to find our more about your particular puppy. Read their personality profiles and learn more about your new pets!


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